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hello. i'm j.c. hayward. thanks for being with us. today will be hazy, hot, humid and potentially dangerous for the sick and elderly. and today could be the beginning of a string of severe weather alert days. so let's get right to howard to tell us what we can expect. >> j.c., blazing heat and humidity. we're seeing dew point temperatures i have not seen in my more than ten years here at wusa. this is the type of air mass you can expect right along the gulf coast. but it's moved in towards the washington area. heat index values 105-115. i might have to make this 105-120 the way we're going. the heat warning, excessive heat warning from noon until tomorrow and maybe even saturday. nothing triple digit heat is here for the next couple of days. and as we look at the satellite and radar, unfortunately we have blazing sunshine. any storms are well to the south and west so we're not going to get the clouds and popup thunderstorms today. that might give us a little bit of relief. look at the latest readings here
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at noon. 95 in fredericksburg. 95 at bwi. still holding on to the 80s in maryland. but when you factor in the humidity, we've got dew points that are way up there. upper 70s, even low 80s. so it feels like 109 already in washington. fredericksburg 116. 110 in culpeper on the heat index. the mountains are doing a little better with heat index values in the 90. but even across the bay it fields like 108 and it's only noon. we're going to continue to heat up for another four or five hours before we start to peak out and then drop. i'm looking for a high around 100 in town. at 3:00, 98. heat index here is going to be about 110 by 3:00. 97 still at 6:00. you have evening plans outside? think twice. and even at 9:00, temperature 92. heat indices still well up into the upper 90s by then. j.c., we'll talk about how long this is going to last when i see with the seven days in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you very much, howard.
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a centreville man is dead after fairfax county police shot him this morning. this happened near macon road and kendra drive outside a townhouse. surae chinn reports that police are still investigating. >> reporter: it's not what ashley daniels would have ever expected this morning. >> excuse my french, but what the [ bleep ] just happened. that scared the [ bleep ] out of me. i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: she heard the moment officers fired their weapons. >> i heard this big pop. and i heard put your hands up in the air now. and then i heard a couple more shots and then it stopped. >> reporter: did you look out your window? >> no. i was scared. i wasn't going to the window. >> reporter: nearly every window in front of this townhome is broken and that prompted the a neighbor and a woman inside the townhome to call police. >> what is the exact investigation going on right now, but obviously whatever was occurring inside the home was significant. >> reporter: fairfax county police quickly arrived and saw
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the gunman standing inside the open garage. when the man approached the officer with the gun and refused to put it down, the officers fired. >> i knew there was gunshots. it was clear as day it was a gunshot. >> to see stuff like that right, you know, in your neighborhood, it's really upsetting. >> reporter: police tried to keep the 34-year-old man alive by performing cpr. but he died in his driveway. police are investigating if the gunman fired any shots or pointed a gun at officers before the officers shot him dead. the woman inside the townhome was not injured. >> emotionally she's quite distraught. physically she is okay. >> reporter: in centreville, virginia, suraen , 9news now. police have not released any names, and the officers who were involved in that shooting are on paid administrative leave. pennsylvania police arrested a west springfield man wanted for allegedly killing his father. 53-year-old richard hanson was
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picked up in scranton, pennsylvania. police say he killed his father inside the family's home on chancellor way tuesday night. officials are not saying how 75-year-old gary hanson died. the police are investigating a murder as a possible hate crime against a transgendered person. this was the scene early yesterday morning along dick street at 6 first street northeast. police identified the victim as 23-year-old miles mclean known to friends as leshane. police have not made any arrests. wss crews are working to get the southbound lanes of georgia avenue reopened in time for tonight's commute. a huge water main break has closed georgia avenue southbound since yesterday. the 16-inch water main along georgia avenue and whitesman road ruptured and left hundreds of low water pressure.
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hundreds of home with low water pressure. water has been restored. however, crews hope to have everything finished by this afternoon. dc fire investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire at the watergate. this was the scene last night. you can see smoke pouring from an apartment on the 10th floor. one firefighter fell while battling this blaze. he suffered minor injuries. no one else was injured. lawmakers are racing against the clock. they're trying to find a plan that the house and senate can agree on that will raise the nation's debt limit. less than two weeks remain before the treasury department starts running out of money. danielle notingham reports on capitol hill. >> reporter: leading lawmakers are trying to default on the debt. at least one lawmaker says there is no way his group's plan can become law before the august 2nd
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deadline. it would slash nearly $4 trillion from the deficit with spending cuts and changes to medicare, medicaid and social security. dozens of senators see the plan as a balanced way to break the stalemate over what spending and tax cuts to raise the nation's debt ceiling. president obama met separately with leaders at the white house wednesday pushing them to close a deal on the debt. the spokesman says the president could agree to a short-term plan if it clears the way for a big deal to pass congress. but first senators are debating a tea party backed measure passed by the house called cut cap and balance. it increases the debt limit in exchange for billions of dollars of immediate spending cuts and a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget. >> the senators will now have the opportunity to go on record either in support of balancing our books or against it. >> i'm afraid that this is mostly political theater that
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has been sent to us rather than a serious response to the problem. >> reporter: that bill is not expected to get through the democratic controlled senate, leaving lawmakers less than two weeks to agree on a plan that will pass before the nation could begin defaulting on its loans. danielle noddingham, cbs news washington. >> there is a fall-back plan that has been put together by leading gop senator mitch mco mconnell. well, the financial future of media conglomerate news core is uncertain. the company owned by rupert murdoch tries to continue to recover after the phone hacking scandal. here in the united states, news corp is facing at least two
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shareholder lawsuits. a possible standard enforced credit downgrade and a federal investigation. still to come when 9news now continues, if you think you're having a rough time because of the heat, imagine wearing a civil war costume on the battlefield. i'm at the kennedy space center. it's a great day here as the shuttle at lynn tis safely lanz -- -- atlantis safely lands. that story coming up.
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this morning in florida, the final space shuttle returns safely to earth. the landing marks the end of an era in our man's space flight. thousands of nasa employees, many are losing their jobs. and so it was a very emotional day. we have more. >> piercing the pre dawn skies. >> reporter: two earth shaking sonic booms. a smooth touchdown in predawn darkness. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and retirement for the shuttle fleet and its 30 years of american man space flight. >> we copy we'll stop and we'll take this opportunity to congratulate you, atlantis, as well as the thousands of passionate individuals across this great space fairing nation. >> reporter: from the landing strip, atlantis was towed across the kennedy space center, a sort
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of farewell parade for nasa employees. here there is a strong sense of relieve that the final shuttle mission was safe and successful, but for some 2,000 employees, it's time to look for work. >> it's where they bring the rocket motor segments in. >> reporter: at 59 years old, glenn davis is looking for a job. >> you don't realize when you're sitting there looking at the computer itself that there is a thousand other people looking for that same computer screen trying to get that same job that you might be after. >> reporter: he's hoping to stay in the area and perhaps work on a future nasa program. but with the end of the shuttle. >> thank you, columbia, challenger, discovery, endeavor and atlantis. thank you for protecting us and bringing this program to such a good end. >> reporter: the long-term future of american space exploration is uncertain. . >> atlantis goes on display at the kennedy space center next year. discovery is heading to the
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smithsonian. and endeavor will go to the california science center in los angeles. howard has the forecast. you don't want to miss it. >> j.c., what am i doing out here in a dark jacket. this is blazing heat and humidity. and the hour you'll like this too with the heat, we have some pollen to talk about. the mold spores have moved into the moderate range. tree pollen is low. grass and weed also moderate. we'll talk about triple digit heat, even hotter heat indices and excessive heat warning when 9news now at noon returns.
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on this severe weather alert day, the power companies are asking that we try to conserve energy as much as possible. pepco has some advice. it's listed on its web. they say set your thermostat to 78 degrees and use a fan if possible. also they say keep your blinds and your shades closed. that will keep your room as cool -- a little bit cooler. and turn off any lights and unplug appliances that you're not using. pepco says it has been watching the forecast. it's very aware. and it's ready for the heat and
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the spike in demand. this is no day to put on extra layers of clothing. but thousands of civil war re en actors are doing just that. they marked the 150th anniversary of the first battle of manassas today. the event took place at the manassas national battlefield park and it started with a commemorative ceremony at henry hill this morning. among the invited speakers, the governor of virginia bob mcdonald. let's go to the weather. unbelievable outside. >> i know. it really is. >> we had a stretch of triple digit heat back in 1993 in july. so 18 years. and it looks like we could have three -- when i say stretch, three consecutive days. we did back-to-back days last summer. >> guess where i'm going, to a cookout. >> today? >> yes. at the governor's mansion in annapolis. >> one thing cold water on top of your head every 10-15 minutes will keep you cool. >> sure.
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>> do the governor a favor. >> cold water. tell him keeping you cool. >> doing you a faifr. >> maryland governor. >> here we go, this afternoon blazing heat and humidity and keep the blinds closed. keep the sun from coming in your house. you have a bright side or a dark side of the house, maybe the sun is on the west and you're in the east, open up the windows or the blinds where the sun is no longer shining in. look at these temperatures shooting into the upper 90s to even 100 for a high here in dc. subtle wind at 10 or 11 miles an hour pumping up the humidity big time. 96 at 11:00. this evening we're going to be baking and at 9:00, 92 degrees. heat indices at 9:00 are going to be around 100 plus. right now the cooler spots up in the bay. but up at bwi, 95 degrees. fredericksburg 95 degrees. lower 90s in the shenandoah valley. cumberland at 95.
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we sit at 93 with a heat index of 109. thanks to a dew point of 78. we've actually had dew point readings over 80. these numbers are tremendous for this part of the world. we're uncomfortable when we get to like 65 or 70. this stuff is blazing. winds south right now at 13. feeling like as we look at the forecast for the rest of the afternoon, these are the heat index values by 3:00 they'll be closer. and this, i think, is under done. we're already 109. so i think the heat index value a little done. 103, 108 at fredericksburg but you get the idea that the 110, 1150 heat index will be around at least -- 115 heat index will be around at least until 9:00. heat indices don't fall below 90. this is a situation where if you don't have air conditioning and you can't cool your body, you can be getting some real health issues. this is one of the days you have to pay attention to over the next two or three days.
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heat index again 105-115. maybe 120 with the heat warnings in effect until 8:00 tonight and then noon-8:00 on friday. nothing for saturday yet. the heat warnings go back to kansas and oklahoma. they stretch to the mid-atlantic, northeast, midwest. but you notice up in minnesota and the dakotas they're not in it. here is the front pushing through with some storms here across nebraska and iowa. the ridge of high pressure is blocking it for now, but the front is going to get here towards sunday. so sunday is when we're going to see an increase in thunderstorm chances and finally temperatures dropping into the 90s. so, therefore, we got today, tomorrow and saturday to get through. here is the next three days, hundred this afternoon. 103 tomorrow. tomorrow has a chance to set or tie some records. this will be the hottest day. but still around 100 on saturday. sunday a better chance to see some thunderstorms at 94. and then look by monday and tuesday, we're down in the upper 80s with scattered showers and
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storms and wednesday right now looks dry with a temperature of 90. it is thursday at noon. that means it's pet line time. stephanie from the humane society is here. tell me about mojo. >> mojo is nine months old. he is a labrador-pit bull type mix. he loves other dogs. he would be a great dog for somebody who is a runner. >> a lot of energy. >> lives with cats in his foster home. loves the dark park. he's just an all around great guy. >> he already knows how to sit and shake a little. >> yes. and he's learning how. he's learning down. but he has sit mastered pretty well. >> he takes food gently. >> he's a great, sweet dog looking for a home. his family moved so he's looking for a new family. >> all right. how can people get mojo? i'm sure you have more than mojo that needs a home? >> absolutely. we have two locations. one at 1201 new york avenue and one at 7319 georgia avenue. and you can go on our website wash and see pictures
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of all of our adoptable animals. dogs or cats. >> if you missed any of that information, we have it on our website of just find the pet line section. don't go away. more on 9 news now at noon. we'll return in just a moment. good boy.
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it is the first for our area, and if you're interested you certainly want to go to this new tournament that we are excited about. i have a special person with me. donald del is a tennis hall of famer. most of you know that he's a founder of the late mason tennis classic.
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but we're here to talk about something else. it is so exciting. >> this is the first annual women's event that we've had on the world pro tour. the city open starts on saturday with the qualifying and the main draw starts monday afternoon, jc. >> and it's going to be at a real world international tennis center. >> facility yes. the college park tennis center is the number one training facility and it's got a great facility and they do a terrific training job and they have been selected the number one training center. that's where the tournament will will be held. >> what makes it so special? >> a couple things. we've never had a women's only event like this. but we have five women who are number one in their country that are entered in the tournament. so it's going to be a very tough field. a very good match play. >> we have a representative from israel who is number one. >> very good player. >> and some other ones too. >> well, from india we have --
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>> number one. >> sonia misera. from australia we have alaaixt ina docket. all of these players are here trying to gain points and prize money on their rankings from a world point of view. and one thing for the fans that they should know, there is free parking right there at the site at college park. there is a ton of room for free parking. and also you can go on the green line to the metro station which is about 400 yards to the entrance of the stadium. it's easy to get to and the play will be exciting. >> if you want tickets, how do you get them. >> you can call 721-9500 or ticketmaster. it's 202-702-9500. we're selling tickets out at the site or you can call ticket masseter and get the tickets. >> and we're going to have that information on our website so you can purchase tickets. what would you like to see in
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the future? what is your dream? >> our dream i think will merge together with the men's tournament and have what we call the world tour a combined event, which is like indian wells or miami where you have men and women be about eight days and it will be a tremendous field. >> all right. you can get tickets from ticketmaster. go to our website we'll have the information thank you for being with us. >> jc, thanks. what is that? oh, we call it the bundler. let's say you need home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ] [ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both. sort of like two in one. how did you guys think of that? it just came to us. what? bundling and saving made easy. now, that's progressive.
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